Dorm, Sweet Dorm

How to make your dorm feel like home to you.

<p>Featured Image by Alison Smith</p>

Featured Image by Alison Smith

There’s no place like your college dorm room. The thrill of getting to decorate and settle into your own space is exciting – twin XL bed and all. 

Still, with any life changing event comes nerves. Living on your own for the first time can be overwhelming. It’s your responsibility to take care of yourself and your surroundings. 

Your dorm room can be your safe haven while at campus. When you’re in a place that’s new and maybe even intimidating, having a place that feels like home is key.

From decorations to items that are essential, here are some ways you can make your dorm room feel like home.

Home is where the decor is

Decorations can make a dorm feel cozier. They add personality and comfort to any room. Consider these items to add to your room:

  • Plants: Whether they’re alive or fake, plants can add a more natural feel to a room. Cactuses, aloe vera plants, snake plants, or any other house plant could add a neutral, decorative pop to any dorm room. 
  • Lights: Adding lighting to a dorm room can add to the ambiance. For a classic, homey feel, consider buying fairy lights or Christmas lights. For a bright, more eccentric feel, checkout LED lights or a projector. 
  • Posters/Prints/Tapestries/Flags: Making sure the walls are decked out with your favorite bands, sayings, or designs is a must when it comes to creating a dorm room you feel comfortable in. Any of these items can add a personal touch to your space.
  • Throw pillows: Two to three throw pillows on your bed can help make that beloved twin XL bed a little more snug. Matching your throw pillows to the color of your comforter can help tie your bedding all together. 

Some places to consider shopping include Five Below, Target, Amazon or even local thrift stores.

DIY till you die

Making your dorm room feel like home could potentially get pricey when it comes to purchasing different decorations. If you’re on a budget or trying to save money, consider these DIY projects:

  • Photo collage: Adding a photo collage in your room could make it feel more personal. You can also cater to your aesthetic by printing off images from Pinterest or other social media platforms that fit the theme of your dorm room. On the flipside, a photo collage of your family and friends could keep you from getting homesick. Stores like Walgreens and Walmart offer inexpensive prices and deals on prints. 
  • Painted canvases: Tap into your inner artist by painting a canvas for your room. The options are endless with this DIY project – you can paint whatever you want. Add your own personal touch, then hang your final masterpiece up in your dorm. 

Everyday dorm essentials

There are a variety of items that are essential in making your dorm feel more like a home. They’re simple but could help your room feel more like your safe space. Check out these items:

  • Wall calendar: Not only will this item fill up space on your wall, making your room feel less blank, it will also help keep you organized. Write any important assignments down, notable events down, and any other major detail you might forget. 
  • Comfortable bedding: Sleeping in a twin XL doesn’t sound very glamorous, but you can make it feel more comfortable by incorporating your favorite bedding. No matter what type of blanket or comforter you prefer – quilted, silk, or cotton, be sure to invest in something that will make napping after classes something you look forward to. Also consider buying a mattress topper to add extra support. 
  • Fan: Staying cool in the first few months of college is crucial when it comes to enjoying your dorm experience. On Ball State’s campus, not all dorms are equal. Some have air conditioning and some do not. If you don’t have AC in your dorm, purchase a fan to keep your room at a nice temperature.
  • Rug: Adding a rug in your dorm is an essential when it comes to making the tile floors less chilly. Whether it’s neutral or a color that fits your aesthetic, having a rug in your dorm could tie the whole look of it together. 
  • Bonus lighting: If adding fairy lights, LED lights, or a projector isn’t enough, consider buying bonus lighting. A small neon sign or lamp are two items that could keep your room lit. 

No matter what decorations you use, creating a dorm environment that feels like home to you is crucial. Think of your personality and the items you like best and make a home out of your room. 

Featured Image: Alison Smith

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