Storm chasing at Ball State University

MUNCIE, Ind. (Newslink) -- While it’s been quite dry and hot in Muncie, other areas are in the midst of hurricane season. The Ball State University Storm Chase Team is one of many who helps report weather announcements to the Muncie community.

With technology, many local weather stations are able to find weather updates quickly and easily. However, they still rely on the Storm Chase Team to provide updates because students have specialized knowledge about the radar.

“The Weather Service and Emergency Management still appreciate the reports coming from people in the storm chase team because they’ve been trained and are a bit more knowledgeable to help,” stated David Call, Associate Professor of Geography.

Ball State students are able to contribute to local weather stations with what they found during a storm chase.

Storm chasing isn’t always as exhilarating as it seems, though. It is a waiting game and requires patience.

“Storm chasing is like acting. It’s a lot of sitting and waiting around to get your moment in the spotlight,” said Call.

When storm chasing, Call mentioned the importance of being safe while doing it.

“When storm chasing, it’s good to go out with other people, especially people that have been chasing before. Plus, there is a lot to do: somebody must drive, somebody has to keep an eye on the radar and maybe a third person to look at maps.”

Storm chasing has its risks and isn’t for everyone. One Ball State student felt that he wouldn’t have the guts to storm chase, but he has respect for everyone who does.

The Storm Chase Team at Ball State University meets every week and shares a love for weather and helping the community.

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