Are you interested in making the world a better place for children?

Teach for America is your chance to make a difference in your community!


Teach For America is a national program that works in partnership with schools and communities to expand educational opportunities for children. We recruit and develop outstanding leaders to initially teach for two years and advocate to end educational inequity throughout their lives.

We're excited to have Ball State as a part of this group! We employ interested persons to join a community and teach for two years, and Ball State is a part of this group!

Our first Teach For America Ball State alumni joined in 2002 and since then 42 Cardinals have joined the coprs and became alumni. You could join us in this collective group of leaders and change-makers.

Ball State alumni have served in 24 out of our 52 regions across the country. The majority have chosen to serve our local Indianapolis region, but Teach For America can support you in serving almost anywhere in the country, from California to Hawaii and along the east coast!

If you are interested in a career of equity-focused impact, especially in the world of education, we are excited to welcome you into our organization. Teach For America is a full-time, paid, post-graduate program that employs a diverse group of recent graduates and professionals in pursuit of profound systemic change.

While our organization is especially passionate about increasing educational opportunity, this doesn't mean you have to be an education major to join. Cardinals in the program come from a variety of majors; the most common are education, English, psychology and social work. The skills you learn in any major can be applied to teaching. We will invest in building upon the skills you bring from all majors and experiences through intentional training and coaching throughout your two years, ensuring you show up in the most impactful way for the communities we serve.

Our corps members proximity and relationships with students, families and communities drive them to be all-in on solving the problem of educational inequity, no matter what they choose to do after the program. This system is intertwined with many other sectors, and we need leaders working in all fields to co-create a future filled with possibility. Many of our Ball State Teach For America alumni are continuing to work in education as teachers, principals, superintendents and more. We also have six alumni change-makers working in the business and nonprofit sectors. Finally, three Cardinals are working in government and law and two are in healthcare.

Teach For America has also recently launched the IGNITE Fellowship. This is a paid, part-time, virtual fellowship open to all Ball State students that allows students to accelerate learning for K-12 students. Any Cardinal from freshman through graduate school can apply for the fellowship.

IGNITE is a 5-hour a week time commitment during school hours. The fall fellowship runs from October 4 to December 17. While in this fellowship, you will work towards dismantling the system of education inequity while still in college! The program allows you to lead small group instructions for current K-12 students and receive 1:1 coaching to help you improve your leadership and communication skills.

The IGNITE Fellowship gives you one-of-a-kind hands on experience by giving you the chance to address the needs of students today and create the conditions for innovation tomorrow, all while still in classes.

Teach For America and the IGNITE Fellowship will allow you to build meaningful relationships and build skills that will propel you forward within your leadership journey.

If you are a senior, graduate student or Ball State alumni of any major you can apply to join the corps and learn more here. Additionally, juniors can begin their application for the program in January - through this early application, juniors go into their senior year with job offer on the table, ensuring they have a potential post-graduate job offer ahead of their final year of school.

If you are still taking classes at Ball State and are interested in joining the IGNITE Fellowship visit our website here.

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