Minnetrista welcomes interactive exhibition 'Framed: Step into Art'

Ticket Prices for "Framed: Step into Art"

The "Framed" exhibition will be open from June 5 to September 5. Tickets for local Muncie adult residents are $8 and $6 for children. Tickets for non-locals are $15 and $12 for children. 

Source: Katy Maggart, Minnetrista communications director

Minnetrista is holding an interactive exhibition called “Framed: Step into Art” that brings art to life for children and adults to experience. Visitors will find themselves surrounded by art pieces that take you inside the works of the world’s most famous artists. 

The “Framed” exhibition was originally created by the Minnesota Children’s Museum. 

Katy Maggart, Minnetrista communications director, said the motivation to bring “Framed: Step into Art” to Minnetrista was an effort to interact with the Muncie community. 

“Families can come and it reaches a lot of different audiences,” Maggart said. 

Maggart also said the exhibition brings creativity and learning together, which is something Minnetrista staff looks for in bringing exhibitions and activities to the museum. 

The exhibition includes reproduced and interactive art from artists like Diego Rivera and Leonardo Da Vinci. Children can create their own portraits like the famous Mona Lisa, and also create their own galleries by selecting their favorite artwork to display on a wall. 

Since the opening of the exhibition, Maggart said the museum has had a total of 259 visitors stop by to see galleries. 

Rachel Ruelas visited the “Framed” exhibition June 9 with her husband and daughter.

The family said they originally came to view “The Bob Ross Experience'' and wanted to explore other galleries at the museum. They said they saw the new exhibition promoted on the Minnetrista website and were interested in the concept of an interactive art exhibition for children. 

Ruelas said her daughter Elizabeth was excited to interact with the art compared to visiting a traditional art museum exhibition.

“They have some cool teaching tools and activities that make it interesting,” Ruelas said. 

She said the family is originally from Phoenix, and made a stop to visit the Bob Ross Experience exhibition while on a cross-country road trip.

Elizabeth said she is a fan of art and history and said she enjoyed the activities the exhibition provided because it made the art interesting and interactive.  

“I think it’s really cool and I think parents should bring their kids here,” Elizabeth Ruelas said. 

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