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Lowery’s has been creating the best handcrafted candies to the people of the Muncie community since 1941. Because of our dedication to the originality and fresh ingredients, we are the go-to sweet shop for the Muncie community. Best of 2021 is just around the corner, be sure to keep these reasons in mind when voting for the number one sweet Shop/Candy choice.


Authentic and Quality Creations 

The thing people love the most about Lowery’s is how we make our candies. Our process is simple and authentic, each chocolate is hand-dipped and every cream and toffee are stirred in copper kettle then gingerly poured onto marble slabs. Unlike other companies, if you were to walk into our store you would see real people, hand-dipping the finest pecans, almonds, cherries and our special Dark Secrets.


Our originality is not limited to our candies. As a family-owned business, we have been providing the best handcrafted candies to the Muncie community for over 78 years. We operate in Muncie but we also ship anywhere in the United States! We take our time with our customers by making sure in-person and our online orders go out quickly and conveniently. 

Lowery’s Cares about Cardinals and our Muncie compatriots

With our proximity to Ball State, we are excited to carter to Ball State students to satisfy their sweet tooth and share our love for sweets. If a student brings their Ball State ID and shows it to us, we will provide them with a free candy bar! Take the short, nice walk from campus to our shop and we’ll reward you with a treat! 

With Best of 2021 approaching quickly we also want to make sure that Lowery’s is on your list for the top Sweet shop/Candy Choice, as well as Local Attraction and Best Family-Owned business!  Be sure to keep us in mind when voting for Best of 2021 and when  you start to crave something sweet! Visit us at our website or call us at 765-288-7300 for more information.

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