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It can be hard to find a tattoo shop you trust for your next piece. There’s a lot to consider, including price point, sterilization, and ability of the tattoo artist. Since 2002 our shop, Lucky Rabbit, has been providing quality tattoos and piercings to the Delaware County community. There are no shortcuts when it comes to customer service; we aim to create an experience that is enjoyable for the client and their families. If you’re looking for the best place for your next tattoo or piercing, look no further- we’ve got you covered!


Each artist on our staff strives to illustrate your style and story within their work. Every tattoo and piercing is done with the highest quality supplies, always keeping cleanliness and sterilization as a top priority. Want to finally get that piercing you’ve been thinking about? Whether it’s a face or body piercing, each piercing is done with hypoallergenic metals, meaning there’s no chance of a Nickel reaction. You can choose from a wide selection of jewelry, with gems such as opals, diamonds, amethysts, or garnets. The best part: you can change the color of your jewelry using the process of titanium anodizing, so you’ll get a piece that’s perfect for you!

Tattoos are permanent expressions of art-so, it’s worth it to get it done right. We specialize in large scale creations using black and grey ink in New school, Illustrative, and Traditional styled tats. With our broad range and specialized skills, we can create a piece that reflects your personal style.

Our staff matters just as much as our clients; therefore, we encourage our artists to create an optimal schedule which offers a healthy work-life balance. This makes us one of the best places to work!

We are currently operating as appointment only, so send an email to, call us at (765) 287-0777, or visit our website to schedule an appointment time. Don’t forget to vote for us for this year’s Best of Reader’s Choice contest- a contest that showcases the best businesses in the Delaware County community. Vote us for Best Tattoo Shop, Best Place to Work, Best Family Owned Business, and Best Customer Service! 

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