Jack's Donuts making a return to Muncie

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) -- Coffee, ice cream, donuts oh my! Jack’s Donuts is coming back to Muncie! After a two-year hiatus, the shop is returning to the city but in a new location. 

The Village will be the new home for Jack’s. The decision comes from the new owner April Simpson. Simpson found the location and instantly knew it was the spot. 

“It’s the space that took to Roots, and it was a former Subway. And we’re planning to add another level. That’s exciting so that students have somewhere to go study or hangout,” Simpson said. “I love The Village and the vibe that it has.”

CEO Lee Marcum is excited to be bringing the company back to Muncie, as well as bring the company to Ball State's campus. 

“Being on campus is huge. Being right in the middle of The Village is huge. Being back in Muncie...I lived in Muncie for 13 years.” Marcum said, “My wife used to teach at Burris [Laboratory School], so I have a connection to Ball State, and I have a personal connection to Muncie in general.”

Marcum also said that he has been wanting to bring back Jack’s for a while, but he hasn’t found the right fit, until now.

“We’ve had so many people call us and ask if we were opening up here in Muncie,” Marcum said, “And no offense to those who have tried, but it just hasn’t worked out. But April has checked off all of the boxes I had. She wanted to be in the heart of Muncie and just jumped right in.”

Simpson is planning on working closely with the community as well as the university. 

“Talking with the planning committee, it sounds like they really wanna just make it even more exciting there, and I am involved in the planning committee,” Simpson said, “I just hope to make it a great fun place to go.”

Jack’s Donuts has a ways to go until they open. With construction set to begin on the location site, people can expect the shop to open in late July. In the meantime, Marcum is eager for the shop to make Jack’s a household name on campus. 

“I heard somebody tell me one time ago that the great thing about opening on a university is that you can build a tradition in about 18 months.” Marcum said, “There are new students coming in, there’s always students leaving. But alumni will always come back. And that’s one of the things that really really excites me about this because I think that Jack’s has a name in Muncie.” 

For more information on the opening and progress of the shop, Marcum and Simpson say to refer to the Jack’s Donuts of Muncie Facebook page.


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