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Going above and beyond for our customers is the Greek’s way. Here at our establishment, we are committed to providing an authentic, enjoyable experience while also creating a sense of distinction. With The Daily’s Best of 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards right around the corner, here are the top three reasons for you to choose Greek’s for your dining experience, as well as the choice for Best Pizza, Best Late Night Eats, Best Take Out, and Best Delivery.


Our Pledge to Taste

When it comes to food, Greek’s strives to serve our customers only the best of ingredients and to provide an assortment of products ranging from pizzas, salads, sandwiches and breadsticks. Our fresh, hand-tossed dough, Greek’s famous Italian sauce, blend of cheeses and gourmet toppings are sure to make you want to come back for more.

Community Matters

Here at Greek’s, we value our connection to the community around us. We see every person who walks through our doors as a part of our ever-growing family, and we’d like to keep it that way. With over 50 years in the business, we find our relationships with our customers to be absolutely priceless, and a key part to our strength as a business. To show that we care, Greek’s offers Spirit Nights, where organizations including nonprofits can come and fundraise for their respective groups!    

Easy Accessibility & Service

Greek’s understands how a strenuous session of studying can leave you exhausted, and we are well equipped to serve you on a rainy day. With our store only a few minutes walk away from campus, and a speedy delivery service, we are a convenience to any college student after a long day, or a quick meal after a hard day’s work.  


As The Best of 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards starts to creep up on us, we hope you’ll come and join us for a hot slice, and vote for Greek’s Pizzeria for Best Pizza, Best Late Night Eats, Best Take Out, and Best Delivery.

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