Sunny and warm turning to cool and rainy


Tonight: Warm and sunny conditions today will transition into rain tonight after midnight. Low of 46 degrees tonight with winds picking up a little bit. A couple of spotty showers are possible before but expect to see steady rain after might night.

Tomorrow: Rain for the majority of the day tomorrow and temperatures cooling as the day goes on. As you make your way out the door tomorrow make sure you have a coat and or an umbrella with you.

Wind Advisory: We do have a wind advisory that goes into effect tomorrow morning. Winds steady at 20-25 mph with some stronger gusts of 40+ mph are possible

7-Day Forecast: Wet and cooler tomorrow, but once we get past those rain showers warmer and sunnier conditions ahead. We will begin to see a high-pressure settle-in Friday giving us warming temperatures and sunshine through the weekend into early next week.


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