The Women’s and Gender Studies program supports Women’s History Month

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) -- Many know March as the season that rings in sunshine and rain showers. While March is known for its warmer weather, it also celebrates women’s contributions to society. 

Ball State University celebrates National Women’s History Month with Women’s Week. A week filled with lectures, discussions, film, music, and art that commemorates women’s achievements and experiences, while also exploring contemporary social, political and health issues.

Ball State Graduate Assistant and Leader of Women’s Week, Betsy Kiel, said, “I love the ability that Women’s Week has to bring together campus and community partners to create and build the feminist community here in Muncie.”

While Women’s Week, March 18-23, celebrates women’s contributions in history, it is not the only commemoration done for women’s accomplishments.

“Women’s contributions and the contributions of other marginalized individuals should be celebrated all the time, every day,” said Kiel. 

With these contributions, Kiel believes it is important that Women’s Week includes inclusive and diverse events. Kiel wants to highlight specifically women of color or queer women who have been erased from history.

“Make sure that you’re constantly being conscious of your experience and making sure that you’re also lifting the voices and the experiences of others,” advised Kiel. 

To get involved in Women’s Week, check out more information on Ball State’s website.

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