Ball State faculty member helps with study discussing Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy

MUNCIE, Ind.(Newslink) -- Since Covid-19 vaccines are administered, some citizens are hesitant to get the vaccine. 

Sushil Sharma, associate dean of operations of the Miller College of Business and professor of Computer Information Systems, was one of the six researchers who conducted a survey on vaccine hesitancy.

The study found that 15% of people said they are “not likely” to get immunized, and 7% said they are “definitely not” getting immunized.

“More information needs to go out, and as I said this needs to go out through multiple different channels,” stated Sharma when asked how to combat vaccine insecurity.

While some students could be hesitant about the vaccine, Sharma said universities should take a role in removing vaccine insecurity by encouraging students to get vaccinated. 

Sharma’s study highlighted that the most hesitant among Americans were African Americans, Hispanics, those with children at home, rural dwellers, people in Northeastern U.S., and Republicans. 

Sharma mentioned that the younger demographic, including students, may have less hesitancy than others, meaning students could be vaccinated by June or July, the expected time for the vaccine to be distributed to everybody, if chosen to do so.

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