Cold start to april


Rain showers and a strong cold front yesterday, bring us clouds and colder temperatures for tonight and for the next couple of days.

Tonight: Dropping down tonight to 27 degrees under partly cloudy skies. Expect to see increasing cloud cover as we make our way into the overnight hours tonight and into tomorrow morning. If you have any plants outside make sure you bring them in tonight and tomorrow because temperatures below freezing could cause any planets to wilt and possibly kill them off.

Tomorrow: Cold start to the day tomorrow, so as you head out the door tomorrow make sure you have a thicker sweatshirt or a coat because it will not warm up that much. Cloudy skies making their way into the by noon, before beginning to clear out at 3 pm, where we will see our high temperature of 38 degrees. Skies clearing out by 9 pm before dropping into the low 20's for the low tomorrow.

7-Day Forecast: Cold and cloudy tomorrow but we are seeing the reutrn of sunshine on Friday. High Temperatures gradually increasing into the weekend before we have the possibility to see the warmest temperatures of the year on Tuesday and Wednesday.


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