Chilly start to the week

Warmer temperatures and sunshine to end the week but rain showers tomorrow and cooler midweek temperatures stand in the way. Cooler start to the week this morning, dropping down to 31 earlier this morning. So as you head out the door this morning you might need a sweatshirt or a jacket. All the rain, storms, and clouds we saw this weekend have moved out of the area leading to sunny skies today and part of the day tomorrow.

Tonight: Dropping down to 42 degrees tonight under clear skies, but once again winds will begin to pick up a little bit starting around 8 pm tonight. Some gusts overnight tonight and tomorrow could reach up to 40-50 mph.

Tomorrow: Sunny to start the day tomorrow, and reaching up to 70 degrees by 3 pm, but increasing cloudy cover as the day progress, leading to some rain showers early Wednesday morning.

7-Day: Beautiful start to the week this week, just a little bit on the cooler side this morning. There is a chance of rain tomorrow mainly after 9 pm into Wednesday early morning. Stronger wind gusts return for most of the week before subsiding Thursday evening. There is a chance we could see some stronger gusts on Saturday as well. Cooler temperatures midweek through the beginning of the weekend leading to sunshine Friday and warm temperatures Saturday and Sunday.

-Weather Forecaster Adam Feick


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