Winter vs spring has begun

The battle between winter and spring has offically begun! Warmer temperatures are looking more promising while the chance for another snowstorm is dwindling. Yesterday we got our first taste of spring seeing temperatures get up to 44 degrees, after seeing temperatures at sunrise were sitting below 20 degrees. Over the next month, this is a pattern we are going to start to become more fimiluar with.

We did have a weak cold front move through last night into early this morning. We saw some clouds roll in throughout the day yesterday trapping some of that warmer air, not allowing temperatures to get super cold last night. Most of the area saw some rain early this morning, with some parts of Northern Indiana and southern Michigan seeing some snow. Most of the precip has moved on east, with rain into the southern Appalachians and snow up through Pennsylvania and New York, as well as parts of the Toronto area. Cloudy conditions hanging around for today with some gusty winds up to 30-40 mph through the afternoon hours. Expect to see the stronger gusts of winds calming down as the day goes on, as well as dropping temperatures.

Getting down to 31 degrees tonight under overcast skies. Not a huge temperature change but still warmer than we have been seeing for the past few weeks. Stille a little bit on the windy side, but most of the stronger gusts will calm down late afternoon before the overnight hours. Skies beginning to clear tonight after midnight, leading to partly cloudy and warmer conditions tomorrow.

It is looking like it is going to be fairly pleasant tomorrow, warming up to 43 degrees with partly cloudy conditions and sunshine for most of the day. Some of that snow on the ground is going to begin to melt starting tomorrow. Clouds rolling in again after midnight tomorrow leading to cloudy conditions again on Wednesday.

Warming temperatures as we progress throughout the week, with a small battle between sunshine and cloudy conditions. Cloudy Today, Wednesday, and This weekend but sunny Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Another cold front looks to pass through the area late Sunday into Monday morning, bringing with it some more rain as well as colder temperatures below 40 to start the week next week.

-Weather Forecaster Adam Feick


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