Ball State president sends email addressing community intimidation

In a campus-wide email sent Nov. 7, 2020, Ball State President Geoffrey Mearns addressed concerns regarding people from outside the Ball State community intimidating students during the week.

"Although these agitators have not displayed any weapons, they are harassing and trying to provoke our students," Mearns wrote in the email. "While I respect every person's First Amendment rights, I unequivocally condemn anyone's attempt to intimidate or threaten someone else."

Mearns said threats escalated Nov. 6 and that the University Police Department (UPD) and local law enforcement will increase patrols in and around campus "for the foreseeable future" to combat the threats.

At the suggestion of student organization leaders, Mearns said the university will increase access to the on-campus shuttle service immediately for student safety. He encouraged students to walk away if they see threatening conduct and notify UPD by calling (765) 285-1111.


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