Greek’s Great Foods You Haven’t Tried Yet

Why Greek’s has something for everyone

With a history of spectacular customer service and authentic management, Greek’s Pizzeria strives to provide the best quality pizza to customers, while emphasizing the importance of good taste and individuality! 

As the business continues to grow, Greek’s continues to incorporate specialized pizzas, pastas, French-style bread sandwiches, breadsticks, salads and an assortment of beverages. The fresh, homemade hand-tossed dough, mixed with Greek’s famous Italian sauce, blended cheeses, gourmet toppings and preparation method are what makes the menu options more flavorful and original. 

Here are some of the amazing menu items you haven’t tried yet at Greek’s!

French-Style Bread- These are more than your average garlic bread. Choose from 6 different varieties all featuring Greek’s Special garlic butter! Get all the cheesy goodness from the Five Cheese bread or go with something fancier like the Bruschetta. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with these as a side to any great Greek’s meal!

Signature Pasta- What Italian joint is complete without some pasta? Dig in to some great choices like the Chicken Parmesan with Greek’s own marinara sauce. Go classic with the Meatballs & Marinara or get your veggie on with the Vegetables and Olive Oil!

Fresh Salads- For those that want a lighter meal, try going with Greek’s salad options. Who could resist a classic Greek salad with California black olives, fresh feta cheese and Greek pepperoncinis? You don’t want to miss out on the Organic Spinach & Indiana Bacon salad either! With bacon sourced from right here in Indiana, organic spinach and Spanish onions, you can’t get better flavor than that!  

Sandwiches and Shells- Greek’s offers a ton of sandwich options to fill your cravings! Try the Grilled Chicken Bacon Club for some savory meats or go with the Nature’s Delight for a sampling of all Greek’s fresh veggies! For even more deliciousness, order any of these sandwiches as a shell; it comes with all the same great ingredients but is folded over and pinches closed. The shells are perfect for dipping into some of Greek’s Italian sauce or marinara!

Now that we’ve shown you all the amazing options on Greek’s menu, what are you waiting for? These meals are great for any celebration, meeting, or a cozy night in. Make sure to check out Greek’s daily deals too for ways to save on amazing pizzas, pastas and so much more! Visit Greek’s website now to reward your taste buds.

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