Local Indianapolis baking business continues to grow in popularity

MCCORDSVILLE, Ind.(NewsLink) -- As the holiday season rapidly approaches, many people are looking for places to turn to in order to find new foods to bring to the Thanksgiving table. One business, located near Indianapolis, may be your next stop for a tasty dessert your family can enjoy, if they’re 21 years old or older, at least.

Boozee Bundts, established in 2019, is a local business run by a mother and daughter. The business was best explained by Bri Reinhold, the “daughter” half of the business.

“We are booze infused bundt cakes. We make bundt cakes infused with liquor. They all have their own different liquor or alcohol,” Reinhold said.

Reinhold runs the technical side of the business: organizing events, watching the profit, and telling her mom what cakes need made. She got into the sales side of the world after people told her she wasn’t going to make it in the world if she didn’t go to college.

“I think from growing up, I kind of knew that I wasn’t gonna go to college. It wasn’t gonna be for me and then having a lot of people tell me that I wasn’t gonna make it, so, I had something to prove and I was able to make it this far in life and I just wanna keep growing, and I think owning your own business is probably the highest you can go. So that happened and proved that, you know, dreams do come true even if you don’t go to college and you can still make things happen,“ she said.

Reinhold previously worked in industrial sales before she decided it was time to move on in order to help her mom. 

“She’s still working and I was able to step away and be able to help and grow sales and, you know, run events and do our stuff and I think I was just ready to take on a new challenge. Corporate life was getting very stagnant and I was ready for something bigger and better...”

But, while Renhold has a passion for sales, she said her mom is the real star of the show.

“My mom’s been baking since I was a kid and always had high remarks and requests for her baking and she’s always had a dream of making and owning her own bakery and just being able to just bake for a living so we’re making it happen...,” Reinhold said.

Her mother, Cathi Nazarowff, has had a passion for baking ever since she was a kid.

“I think it stemmed from when I was younger. I baked with my mom every Sunday and it was a bonding experience…,” Nazarowff said.

She took that passion and started experimenting with her grandmother’s old cake recipes.

“I just took one of my grandmother’s recipes and started pulling it apart and experimenting with different flavors and different styles…”

Now, her business that all started with a bonding experience is one that has allowed Reinhold and Nazarowff to bond now.

“I think it’s definitely a bonding experience with us. We definitely are spending a little bit more time together than we have in the past and it’s been a really really good bond,” Nazarowff said.

“I mean, with all the events, we have a schedule now and, you know, set times that we’re together, and we talk almost all day every day just random business things... so I think it has definitely brought us closer and we definitely get to see each other more,” said Reinhold.

The baking business won’t be getting a storefront due to COVID-19, but Reinhold said they are currently restoring an old trailer and transforming it into a food truck to travel all across Indiana.

But, until then, you can find Boozee Bundts at various events across the state, and possibly at the Indy 500 in May 2021, according to Reinhold. 

And if you want to order a cake for Thanksgiving dinner or for any other reason, you can visit their website to see all the available flavors, pricing, and place your order to be shipped to you. 

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