Ball State's Visual Communications Department holds "Fold and Fly" event

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) -- Isolated, stressed, and overwhelmed are what students have described college life amid the pandemic. But one event on campus hopes to help students let loose for a while.

On Wednesday, sophomore students from the Visual Communications Department at Ball State participated in a paper airplane folding and throwing contest. An estimated 600 paper airplanes were covered in designs by students.

Ball State President Geoffrey Mearns also made a visit and didn't hesitate to show off his origami skills.

"We know there are many things that our students have not been able to do in a typical academic semester. So to find a way that is safe but also relieves a little stress and have a little fun allows people to engage with one another. I think it's a wonderful idea. We need to continue to think about unusual and creative ways in the midst of these safety precautions to still engage with one another," said Mearns. 

Associate Professor of Art and Visual Communication and Graphic Design Christine Satory organized the event in hopes of getting students out of their dorms to decompress and enjoy the unusually warm weather. 

"I came up with a project that would help them learn what I wanted them to learn for the project but also be fun. This is the result. They are so happy and this is what we should all be like," Satory said.


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