Ball State Computer Science Department hosts virtual art show

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) -- Every fall and spring semester, the Ball State Computer Science Department hosted an art show in the Atrium. Much like other campus events, the fifteenth art show was done virtually. 

“This is our fifteenth show. We do one in the fall, one in the spring,” Dave Largent, professor of computer science, said. “So, we’ve been doing it for a number of years.” 

Students chose a photo they have taken themselves or find one online and turn it into a collage using their coding skills.    

“I took that picture over summer break and I thought it was neat, so I thought I’d use that in the project,” Joe Forebeck, a sophomore student, said. “I just kind of went literally spontaneously and added different filters to it.” 

“So, I was trying to decide what pictures to use. I was just kind of going through a ton of my old photos and settled on a mountain picture that I took in Colorado and a picture of the sky from Michigan,” Brandon Kastor, a sophomore, said. “I thought it would be interesting if I just combined them.” 

The submissions were judged based on code difficulty and visual appearance. This year, junior Ben Heber was awarded “Best in Show” for his piece titled “Distorted Reality.” 

The Computer Science Department plans to have a show in the spring, but it will most likely be held virtually. 

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