A bright point to the crazy and unpredictable season

A pretty nice past few days not only for the Muncie area but the US as a whole. Not much going on other than some showers along the southeast coast as well as the northeast coast. The main weather story has been Eta, which is the Atlantics 28th named storm this Hurricane season which tied the record set back in 2005. There is still some time left in the year for named storm 29 to church up and give the record to 2020.

Today: Cloudy conditions for the Munice area today which will keep temperatures a little bit cooler than yesterday's high of 75. Getting up to 68 today. So still decently warm but just a little cooler than yesterday. A little bit on the breezy side today winds 10-15 mph some gusts could be up to 25-30 mph.

Tonight: Cooling down tonight with cloudy skies clearing as we progress through the late afternoon and into the evening hours. Getting down to 48 today with winds from the SSW at 5-10 mph.

Tomorrow: Sunshine returns tomorrow after a day off as well as temperatures up into the 70s. High of 72 tomorrow with sunny skies. So if you love the sun and warm temperatures make sure you get out and enjoy the nice weather make sure you get outside and enjoy it over the next couple of days.

7-Day Forecast: Other than today, Sunny and warmer temperatures up into the 70s to finish out this week and roll into early next week. We do have a chance for the return of rain Tuesday afternoon and evening into early Wednesday morning.

-Weather Forecaster Adam Feick


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