Wide skill set helps former Cardinal’s NFL career

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink)-- Being a jack of all trades is a common trait for most NFL players. Former Ball State offensive lineman Danny Pinter is proving to be no exception.

When he was at Ball State, Pinter primarily played offensive tackle, but he even took some snaps at tight end. Since being drafted by the Colts last April, he has proven that he can play anywhere.

His experience at multiple positions has even caught the eye of those in the organization. Colts play-by-play announcer Matt Taylor is one of those noticing Pinter’s skills.

“I think going forward, the Colts have this guy pegged as more of an interior offensive lineman, which again is even more baffling to me because as his career goes on, he goes from tight end to tackle, to now guard and they even had him working at center a little bit, too,” Taylor said.

Taking snaps at so many different spots is sure to help as his professional career continues.

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