Warmer temperatures on the way

Today: Temperatures will still be staying on the cooler side but we will see sunny, clear conditions throughout the entire day. This is due to a high pressure system that is located on the southwestern portion of Indiana. This will bring us sunny and clear conditions throughout the entire day into the nighttime hours.

Tonight: We will continue the trend of temperatures dropping into the lower 40s but will bring along clear skies and a beautiful night to have a bonfire or go start gazing.

Tomorrow: We continue the trend of sunny and clear skies leading into tomorrow with temperatures rising into the lower 70s. Gusty winds are going to be expected as we can see winds gust up to 20 mph. High pressure will still be in place to give us dry and clear conditions.

7-Day: We will slowly start to see the increase in the temperatures reaching the upper 70s and may even each the lower 80s. Gusty conditions will continue for the next couple days before temperatures drop and then slowly rise again. The high pressure system will track its way along the Ohio Valley which will give us the sunny conditions over the rest of the week before cloudy skies return to start off next week.


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