YMCA of Muncie introduces the Strong program

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) -- When the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati created the Strong Program, the YMCA of Muncie knew that this program would be the perfect addition to the community.

Because of the Pandemic, many people have had setbacks in their lives. The creative team took on The Strong Program to remind people that they can reengage with others and their past schedules.

“It is really about healing and refocusing and just reengaging folks with overall wellness,” Gretchen Fields stated.

This six week long program is open to everyone in the community. Participants can work on this alone, but it is also encouraged to work with someone to stay accountable.

If participants can not complete their programs at home, they have the opportunity to go to any of the Delaware County YMCAs for free once a week to complete their activities.

“And in addition to our normal programming, we have special group X classes for just for The Strong Program,” Sam Coffman added.

Once you register for the program, the process to every activity is simple. “You will register for the program and you will get three weekly text messages that will prompt you through the program,” Megan O’Connor said.

“It is open to all community members whether you live here or you don’t,” Chad Zaucha added to how many people can participate.

When the program is complete, the creative team wishes to do a follow up to keep engaged with the participants and keep them in touch with the YMCA and what can be offered to better themselves because of COVID-19.

“I believe that it would be a good step for us to do just to keep those new members that we get from the community, keep them engaged with similar programs,” Abby Denham stated.

If you want to register for the Strong Program, you can text STRONG to 855-596-2280

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