Students prepare to vote

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink)-- Election day is less than three weeks away, and the Ball State Democrats and Republicans have been helping students register.

“I was really happy when I was there to see people who were enthusiastic,” said Lauren Kamykowski, the president of the Ball State College Democrats. “A lot of people who were registered to vote were like, ‘Yup, I’m registered to vote’.”

The College Democrats spent a few weeks standing at the scramble light handing out information on how to register to vote in Indiana. Indiana has one of the lowest youth voter registration numbers in the United States.

“We were really active on social media trying to promote people to register to vote,” said Joe Bursley, the senior public relations director for the Ball State College Republicans. 

The College Republicans also spent time at the scramble light helping people to register to vote. This year, the youth vote is expected to heavily impact the outcome of the election.

“The reason I’m voting this year is probably the same reason other first-time voters are,” said freshman Abigail Simpson, “Just because everything is being so polarized.”

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