Professor shares his thoughts about the presidential debate

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) -- Chad Kinsella, an assistant professor of political science, shared his thoughts on the presidential debate that took place on Sept. 29. 

With the presidential debate, Kinsella first expressed that it was difficult for him to watch all the way through and he walked away from it at moments. 

“I’ve been watching debates for a very long time, and usually they are very structured, and last night's debate was a major departure from how debates have been run,” said Kinsella.

With the debate having a different structure Kinsella doesn’t think that it will affect the election in November, since many people might have already chosen their side. 

“A vase majority have their mind made up, it could matter to a very few, few people who truly don’t have their minds made up in some states… it could be razor thin,” said Kinsella. 

With this debate, Kinsella might believe this might be one of United State's worst presidential debates to ever go down history. 

“Last night was incredible how negative it was, it was unlike any debate I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Kinsella explained. "and to be real honest I hope the debates get more back towards of how we had them traditionally, where people can follow the rules."

The debate is a conversation people are having, and the next presidential debate is Oct. 15. 


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