Prairie Creek Trails opens up after construction

The trailhead at the Prairie creek Reservoir on Oct. 1, 2020.
The trailhead at the Prairie creek Reservoir on Oct. 1, 2020.

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink)-- Exercising and getting outdoors are just a couple things you can do during the pandemic, and one place in Muncie where you can go outside is at the Prairie Creek Reservoir where the bike trail construction is officially complete.

"Around seven years ago," Dave Bradway said, who is the president of the Mid-Indiana Trails, is when construction started for the trails.

And the pandemic didn't help the process either, at first, since the builder was from Ohio.

"But then probably mid-April....we found out there were other trail builders working in Indiana, and so I called them up and told them the situation and they were happy to get back to work," Bradway said.

A construction delay wasn't the only thing the pandemic caused.

Bradway said, "There have been 83 people riding the segment."

Which was just one month, and that's only counting cyclists that use the Strava app.

Bradway said traffic at the trails increased because of the pandemic and one of the best ways to be socially distant while being active is...

"Getting in the woods is the best way to do that." Bradway said. "It's easy to stay away from each other on the trail as far as you need to be."

The trails all together are eight miles long and have different levels of difficulty.

"We're talking about features you would see on renowned trail systems,” he said.

When we visited the Prairie Creek Trails one year ago, Mountain Biker Luther Prater said,

"These trails are a great asset for the Muncie community."

To find out more information on the trails you can follow Mid-Indiana Trails on Facebook.


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