Muncie installs Safe Haven Baby Box

Safe Haven Baby Box in downtown Muncie.
Safe Haven Baby Box in downtown Muncie.

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink)- Muncie has added a Safe Haven Baby Box to help infants.

Every state across the nation has a Safe Haven Law. However, that does not prevent all infants from becoming a victim, and Indiana is looking to change that.

The Safe Haven Baby Box is an opportunity for parents who are not able to care for a child to turn over the infant to first responders discreetly. Indiana’s Safe Haven Law allows mothers to turn over infants within 30 days of birth.

Muncie Sergeant Chris Swanson believed there is a huge need for baby boxes in Muncie.

“We were the 50th box to be installed in Indiana, so we probably should've been higher up on that list,” said Swanson.

The Muncie Safe Haven Baby Box is located at Muncie Fire Station One with intentional placement.

The location is in the center of downtown Muncie by the Mits bus routes, as well as across the street of the women's shelter.

The box is still in the testing phases and will open to the community on Nov. 7.

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