Muncie Civic Theatre rehearsing outside

Muncie Civic Theatre Youth Program Rehearsing outsid
Muncie Civic Theatre Youth Program Rehearsing outsid

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) -- The Muncie Civic Theatre has had to make adjustment on how they rehearse and perform.

Bridget Dugelby, the education director of Muncie Civic Theatre, said, “A lot of things have changed in the theatre world. Of course we still want to tell stories and be a safe place for the kids.”

Some theatres, such as Broadway, are going as far to cancel all shows till summer of 2021. Others are finding different ways to perform and the be creative with spacing and face mask wearing.

Dugelby said “Right now we have smaller casts. We normally have two casts with 30 to 40 kids and, of course, rehearse inside.”

The Muncie Civic has been having shows outside during the pandemic along with their rehearsals. In order to find open spaces for rehearsals, they have used a parking lot, closed roads, and now, Canon Commons.

Around a month ago, Dugelby, who was planning for her upcoming show, said, “Even with this performance we thought we would be able to do the show without face masks. As long as we were socially distanced and now we feel that is not a reasonable option so we are still using face shields, even though we are socially distanced.”

Despite the changes the cast members are happy to still be putting on shows.

Cast member Maggie Godfrey said, “I think we are doing it really well and making sure everyone is safe. I mean it's weird but we are all changing so we can still do what we love.”


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