Landess Farm has decided their new theme

DALEVILLE, Ind.(NewsLink) -- Jesse Landess, the owner of Landess Farm, admitted this year has had more problems than most. 

"This year has been a real challenge," said Landess. With the future looking uncertain, one thing was certain, Jesse knew who he wanted to honor this year.

"Our theme this year is honoring Desmond Doss, a Congressional Medal of Honor winner," said Landess.

During World War Two, Doss saved 75 American soldiers. These actions made Landess want to honor Doss. This year, Landess carved an image of Doss into the corn maze. 

"The values that he represents are something that we hope to share with the people around us," said Landess. Doss' son, Desmond Doss Jr., will be visiting the farm Oct. 8 and speaking to the public.

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