How Covid-19 is affecting students with test anxiety

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) -- With midterms coming up, the process is looking a little different due to COVID-19. Tests are being administered online to keep every student safe.

While this is a safe step moving forward with the semester, it can spark anxiety for some students.

Freshman Kaitlin Jones said her test anxiety was triggered by the online testing due to the time limits placed.

“My test anxiety has been affected by COVID-19 because now that all of them are online, it definitely heightens it cause they put a bunch of time limits on them and you can see the clock like counting down when you’re answering questions and that really stresses me out for some reason,” she said.

She also said that almost half of her classes are asynchronous, so she thinks using a calendar and writing down her schedule will help her stay organized and reduce anxiety.  

Dr. Sparks, a professor at Ball State, also gave his advice with midterms and test anxiety.

Sparks mentioned, “In the COVID-19 environment as I think about midterm exams, I have tried to keep in mind that students are facing higher levels of anxiety and we are in a very unusual classroom environment. As a student myself who suffered from test anxiety, that preparation was very important for me. Also, I would encourage students to sleep, to get plenty of rest, to eat well, to exercise.”

Sparks also wanted to make sure that his exams were fair, as he knows this year looks very different from years prior.  

Students and teachers are enforcing the importance of patience with themselves and their peers.

Since students and teachers are living through a global pandemic, it is important to be aware of one’s mental health considering the adjustments needing to be made due to COVID-19.

For more information on who to talk to when the stress is piling up as the school year starts getting busier, visit the Counseling Center here 

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