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As an art student in the mid 70’s, buying art supplies for classes was a bit different than it is today. Yes, the prices were lower, but the overall experience was much different. If staying on campus was necessary, the students walked to the Student Center where the BSU Bookstore was located. Once in the Book Store, there was a window that the students went to and there would ask the person in the window for the items required or needed. 

There was no browsing and looking, picking up or touching supplies-one had to know what was needed, ask the associate who would retrieve it, pay and leave.  Shopping like that required that the customer know the name of the paper they wanted, or the color, or the degree of pencil or what a pick- up was because once the order was given, there was no turning back, as nothing was returnable! 

Fast forward to today and the experience we can provide at Art Mart. We love to have customers come in to browse and look; we have a lot of cool stuff, it’s colorful and stimulating and one can get project ideas from just walking in the door. Often times our customers come in without knowing the name of the paper they need, but by description. We can show them several items to meet their requirements. Sometimes all the students can give us is the name of their professor and often we can tell them what they need. Here at Art Mart we really like to communicate with the professors and instructors, as it helps us stock what the students need. 

As an artist, I like to look and feel the products. I want to hold a brush in my hand to feel the weight and fit, I want to see a color before I purchase, just to make sure it is one I can work with. I want product information along with studio safety rules. I want to talk with someone that has used the product to see if it will stand up to what I’ll be using it for. We use everything in the shop, and we will even let you use it if that’s what it takes. We regularly have “try-its” around the store for our customers to try. Art supplies can be expensive and we want you to be happy with the supplies you purchase from Art Mart. 

If you take supplies home from Art Mart and once home get stuck on the usage, call, FB message or email us, we will walk you through the use and maybe suggest uses you had not thought of.  

Art Mart has been established in Muncie for many years and under several names, all of which included “Art Mart”. We are still here and hope to continue to be a source for quality supplies as well as helpful education on the use of the supplies. 

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