Freeze dried candy store opens in Muncie

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink)- A unique candy shop is opening in the Southside of Muncie just in time for Halloween.

Store owners Tiffany and Shannon Turner are opening Fresh Market Treats, one of Indiana’s only local freeze-dried candy stores.

Tiffany Turner was a teacher and has lived in Muncie her whole life. Turner wanted to keep her business close to home.

“So I’ve lived here in Muncie in the same zip code my whole life, and my husband Shannon got this idea to start this freeze dried business and I support my husband, and we just like to do things together. So, we decided during the quarantine and pandemic to start a business,” Turner said.

The pandemic pushed Turner’s plans back nine months, but she said the opening is coming at just the right time.

“It has really delayed the opening, but I think that people are looking for something fun and they’re looking for something to take their minds off of everything that is going on, so I think it’s a good time to open a business like this,” Turner said.

The Turners’ passion for freeze drying snacks came from one of their other businesses.

“We have a business where we raise Boston Terriers and German Shepherds, and so it kind of started with just making treats for them and seeing what they liked,” Turner explained.

Along with dog treats, customers can try freeze-dried sour skittles, saltwater taffy, and more.

Fresh Market Treats will open on Saturday, Oct. 24. If customers are not able to come into the store in person, they can order freeze dried treats online.

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