Delta High School prepares for state matches

Senior Brandon Jackson serving the ball at practice.
Senior Brandon Jackson serving the ball at practice.

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink)- Delta High School is preparing for the state matches in Indianapolis. Delta has a historically successful tennis program filled with singles and doubles teams that have made marks in school history.

The doubles team of senior Brandon Jackson and junior Walker Boyle look to continue the trend.

"Yeah, that's definitely the goal. Just make it there this year and do even better next year. Then do the same thing in the tournament," Boyle said.

Coach Tim Cleland has been working with the boys since they were children.

"I've coached Brandon since he was tiny, and Walker was in my camps since he was younger, I've probably coached both in one way or another for 10 years," Cleland said.

"It feels really good. We worked really hard for it. It feels like a really good accomplishment because I've never made it to state. It's been kind of my goal this season," Jackson said.

Cleland believes that this team has a lot of potential. They are different than any team he has had before.

"As far as what separates them from other doubles players, I'd say their ability to hammer the mid-range. When the ball goes up, they go after it," Cleland said.

The duo of Jackson and Boyle will look to compete in the state matches today at North Central Complex in Indianapolis.

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