Blackford Girls Basketball Preview

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) -- We are beginning the month of October, and with this time of year comes the return to the hardwood.

Blackford’s Girl’s Basketball team has been preparing to get back to themselves ever since their season ended last February. Coach Mitch Waters arrived two years ago and won only one game all season.

Last year, the team went 10-13, and with many players returning to the court this year, they are destined for success.

One thing Coach Waters makes clear is the chemistry between players and staff is more important than ever before.

Waters told me “we try to do as many things as we can together. You’re with the players more than with your own family.”

Coach Waters also likes to focus on what they can do in the present time to get better and not to count wins they can achieve further in the season. But with the increase in wins the last two years, we could see them compete for a CIC Title this winter.


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