Ball State Volleyball player gets new job close to home

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) -- Ball State Men’s Volleyball Setter Quinn Isaacson has taken on a new role within the sport. This time, it is as an assistant coach for Muncie Burris’ volleyball team. 

Isaacson recalled how he had previously helped his mother with her club team after high school, until Muncie Burris reached out to him two seasons ago. 

It was an instant connection to Isaacson, who said, “We bought in a great staff and ever since then I loved it. Then we had a new head coach who was part of the staff this season, who just brought me in and we just kind of kept that same coaching staff. And I thank Steve for kind of letting me be a part of it, so it was awesome.” 

After this new experience, Isaacson admitted that he “tipped his hat” to all coaches. 

While it can be rewarding, coaching is not always an easy task.

“You don’t get to appreciate it until you’re in that role because you’re dealing with twelve to fourteen guys or girls that are all different, that all come from different areas, that all get coached different. You’ve got to learn how you can talk to one person and you get to understand how it’s not an easy job,” he said.

With a different role comes a different view of the game, something Isaacson believes has improved his game.

“But it’s really just, it’s that off-court perspective. It’s seeing in not fast-paced and seeing it slowed down, a little bit more slowed down than what the game is and being able to say, okay this is what went wrong, this is what went right, this is what I would do,” he admitted.  

Isaacson believes that his coaching has helped him develop as a player, as well as allowed him to help his teammates on the court.

“I hope these girls appreciate what they’re doing for me, because I get to learn from them which makes me a better player,” he observes.

As the season looms closer, Isaacson will look to translate that coaching experience into his own play. 


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