Ball State students spread awareness amidst the pandemic

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink)-- Ball State students have still found ways to use their voice in Muncie amidst the pandemic and the modified school year. The Women’s March took place Saturday, Oct. 17 at the Delaware County building.

Originally set to take place on Ball State’s campus, the location switched to the Muncie Mall, then finalized at the county building. The march sparked the interest of Ball State students.

The change of location did not stop students like Ball State freshman Anna Paugh from participating.

“Since I’ve started college, I’ve tried to educate myself more on some issues that I was aware of, but didn’t really know the facts behind,” Paugh said.

The Muncie march was organized by Aimee Robertson-West. West gave students and community members a platform to speak, learn and get involved.

“[I hope] to unify our community and talk about the struggles of the last four years in a truthful, meaningful way,” she said.

The march was modified to meet COVID-19 guidelines. Participants stayed in one location as speakers shared stories, discussed important topics and sang to spread empowerment.

The event touched participants in a special way, especially Ball State student Taylor Staples, who is hopeful for the future of civil rights.

“I hope that [this march] empowers other women to speak up about their rights because I know whenever I see marches like this, that are peaceful, it is really empowering,” West said.

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