Ball State student runs successful YouTube channel

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) -- Social media has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. Social media influencers are people who have rose to fame by posting videos or pictures of their everyday life. Ball State University sophomore Julia Crist is a full-time college student and full-time influencer.

“I got involved with YouTube my senior year of high school,” Crist said. ”I really have loved video and editing stuff my whole life. Ever since I was young, I would take my parents’ camcorder that they had to record family videos on and vlog and stuff as a nine-year-old.”

Crist said balancing a YouTube career and college course has been challenging, but it also has its benefits.

“YouTube has changed my college experiences a lot, definitely with my time-management skills, so being a full time college student and working full-time as a YouTuber, making full-time income basically has made me figure out lots of ways to stay productive,” Crist said.

Crist recently published a video on how to customize your phone using the new iOS14 features. The video currently has over six million views and was trending in several different countries.

“Mine actually hit number two in the US, I know it was number one in the United Kingdom,” Crist said. “And a bunch of other countries, as the viewers were telling me.”

As social media use grows, influencers seem to be everywhere. Crist has made herself stand out above the rest.

You can check out her channel here.

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