Ball State Football players react to season restart

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) -- On Aug. 8, Senior Offensive Lineman Anthony Todd found out that his football season was cancelled the same way that many of us did: through social media.

Todd recalled that the meeting he was in was released, as his coach admitted that nobody would be able to focus on the game plan.  

However, after the initial shock, Todd and his teammates regained their focus, and got back to work.

They resumed workouts and started to prepare for football, no matter when it started. Todd recalled that the team knew it did not matter when they would play football next, only that they would be playing again at some point. 

As of Sept. 25, that thought will become a reality and the football season will return on Nov. 4. With their first regular season practice under their belts, Todd believes the team has their sights set high for this season.

“We know that this year could be special for us if we let it be special, and if we push ourselves and bust it every day. You know, we’ve been motivated for a while. It’s a good feeling, it’s a really good feeling,” Todd said.

The season looms close, as their first game is only 36 days away. However, the schedule has not yet been released. 

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