Ball Memorial Hospital is close to full capacity

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) -- Ball Memorial has opened up elective services again to the public after seeing its peak of COVID-19 cases. With battling both, Ball memorial has been operating at near full capacity.

Ryan Johnston, associate chief medical officer, stated that it is normal for the hospital to become near capacity especially during the winter months and flu season.

With so many elective surgeries being put on hold there was a backlog of surgeries as the hospital started to open up, however they worked through this backlog within two to four weeks.

Johnston stated “We look at the data and we make the best use of our resources that we can obviously being a part of IU Health is a strength and that allows us to use the resources of the entire system.”

It is highly suggested that unless it is a true emergency including chest pain, stroke symptoms, shortness of breath or other emergency symptoms do not visit the emergency room.

If you need care, Johnston suggests patients visit their healthcare provider to allow for the sickest in the community to be helped.

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