Windy, cool conditions continue

Tonight: Temperatures will slowly fall back to the upper 40s bringing along those partly cloudy conditions. Wind gusts is going to be the big story as we are still expecting gusty winds tonight and moving into the overnight hours, winds will eventually subside before increasing again tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Windy and rain chances continue with wind gusts reaching up to 17 mph. Temperatures may feel like they are in the upper 50s bringing those mostly sunny conditions. Scattered showers are expected around the late afternoon lasting for a couple hours before moving out of the area and bringing the clear conditions back.

7-Day: If wanting a slight relief from these cooler temperatures, unfortunately this week will not be the week. Temperatures continue to hover in the lower 60s to upper 50s throughout most of the week with some rain chances tomorrow and by Sunday. We will slowly start to see an increase by next week into the lower 70s still bringing mostly sunny to partly sunny conditions.


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