Welcome to fall

Today: Fall has offically arrived but it doesn't feel like it just quite yet. Seeing temperatures reach up to 80 the past few days and almost 80 today, we will have to wait just a little bit to start seeing temperatures feel more fall-like.

Tonight: Even though during the day its been getting pretty warm, evenings for the past couple weeks have been pretty pleasent. Some nights getting down into the upper to mid 40's. Tonight we will see a coninuation of cooler temps with a low of 60. Not as cool as it has been but still cool enough to need a sweatshirt or enough to leave your windows open overnight.

Tomorrow: Tomorrow we will see temperatures on the higher end getting up to 84 as the high. Mostly sunny conditions through out the day tomorrow as well as sunday.

7-Day: The end of this week and the weekend we may see an end to the hotter temperatures. After some rain showers on Monday temperatures look to struggle to get above 70 for the majority of the week.


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