Warmer temperatures on the way

Today: Dry, clear conditions with persist throughout the rest of the day with those temperatures hovering around the mid 70s. A cool breeze will make for a comfortable day to be able to wear a light jacket during your day

Tomorrow: We stay in the mid 70s once again but with calmer winds and sunny, clear, dry conditions. High pressure continues off to our northeast that brings our clear, sunny skies.

7-Day: Monday and Tuesday, we stay in the 70s but moving later in the week is where we start to see those temperatures climb in the lower 80s to upper 70s. This will be persistent throughout most of the week leading in to the week where a few showers are expected on Saturday. Rain chances and even a few thunderstorms chances increase on Sunday and temperatures slowly start to fall back down into the mid 70s as Fall makes its appearance once again.

Weather Forecaster Chris Guevara


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