Type 1 Takedown fundraiser has special meaning for Ball State Broadcasting Director

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) -- In January, Ball State Broadcasting Director Joel Godett received news that he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Unlike the more prevalent type 2, there is no known cause of type 1 diabetes. With his diagnosis in mind, Godett set out to make a difference.

After asking his gym’s owner about holding a fundraiser, the event has only grown. On Nov. 7, 23 gyms across central Indiana will host the Type 1 Takedown fundraiser. The purpose is to raise money for families that are struggling to afford a glucose monitor, insulin or anything else used to treat diabetes.

“When I got diagnosed as a type one diabetic, I did not know another type one diabetic. I found out that that was false, I knew plenty of them. But you don’t see it,” Godett recalled.

As word of mouth spreads, the hopes for the event rises.

“Being able to spread that awareness to other people has been a really big part of this as well, and I’m excited, not just to raise some money to help people out there, but to raise awareness for what Type 1 Takedown is has been a huge piece as well,” says Godett. With a big turnout this year, the event could grow even larger in years to come.

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