Open-minded: Falling for the season

Fall brings forward the best food, the most beautiful colors and spooky season.

Sophie Nulph is a junior journalism major and writes “Open-Minded” for The Daily News. Her views do not necessarily reflect those of the newspaper.

September is flying by and taking with it pool days and watermelon harvests — finally welcoming fall back. It may not look like fall, or feel like fall or technically be fall yet, but it’s fall. OK, I celebrate early — but I have good reason to. 

Fall is the best season. The crunch of leaves under your feet. The breeze brushing your cheeks leaving behind a hint of rose. The feel of tweed and flannel. The smell of apples and rain. The taste of warm apple cider and pumpkin-flavored everything. 

Autumn is the season of apple picking, orchard pictures, sunflower harvests, pumpkin spice and an entire month dedicated to eating candy and watching movies. The season’s name itself has a satisfying tone to it. 

Fall not only includes Halloween and Thanksgiving, but it includes Labor Day too. While the holiday is nice now as adults and is traditionally spent on the water for the last day of the lake season, it also represents the back-to-school period. 

The phrase “back to school” brings memories from my childhood flooding back. Picking out a new backpack — and wearing it around until school started because I was just too excited. Packing my lunch — the only day a year I would bring lunch to school. Filling up my backpack — notecards, check. Pencil pouch, check. Lunchbox, check. 

I have so many good memories associated with the “back-to-school” period of my life that fall will forever hold a special place in my heart. To me, this is the first phase of this lovely season.

Then, we have Halloween — rather, just the entire month of October. This second phase of fall, to me, includes the spooky season and sweater weather. The pumpkin carving, the apple picking — really, the candy consumption alone should excite you. I’m not talking about costumes and parties, I’m talking about sweets and spooky movies. Not scary, spooky. There’s a difference. Scary movies make you scream, look away, cry or feel nauseous. Spooky movies leave you with a sense of ominous thoughts about the world while closing your eyes that night. Each person has a different spooky-to-scary tolerance — mine just happens to be very low. 

The month also highlights the colder temperatures and welcoming back sweaters and beanies. There is no greater time than when it is finally cold enough to break out the chunky sweaters and cabin socks. 

October should be cherished for its beautiful leaves and orchards — that and the decor. I’m not a huge Thanksgiving gal, but Thanksgiving decorations can stay in my house all year long. Pumpkins, gourds and squash on every surface with fake leaves and maple apple something burning on the table — that is my heaven. The thought of a welcome sign that says “trick-or-treat” on one side and “grateful” on the other makes me smile. 

The third stage of fall is around the time of Thanksgiving — when winter is knocking on the door, the holly jolly Christmas music is seeping into your brain and it is still beautiful to see the frost come and go as the leaves begin to fade.

We all may celebrate it differently, and this fall by far is no normal one, but I think we all deserve to find solace in the warmth and bliss of the season this year. 

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