Vice president for student affairs modifies COVID-19 policy

Ball State Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Housing and Residence Life Alan Hargrave sent out a COVID-19 update email Wednesday night to Ball State’s residence hall population.

In the original email, Hargraves said students who live in the residence halls were not allowed to visit students in other residence halls, but changed the policy.

“I had earlier announced that visitation would only be permitted among current residents in the halls in which they live,” Hargrave wrote. “I understand the consternation this caused and am modifying this policy change based upon the advocation of several students and resident assistants (RA’s).”

Under the revised policy, residents of residents halls may visit other students in their dorms, but non-resident students cannot visit the dorms.

“If students live in a university residence hall, they may continue to visit their friends in other residence halls as long as they are appropriately escorted and masked,” Hargrave wrote. “Students or visitors who do not live in a residence hall are not permitted until we re-examine this policy after 9/18/2020.”

Hargrave also wrote that continued compliance with the university’s COVID-19 policies was necessary.

“The number of off-campus cases must be lowered before we take the risk of increasing your risk of infection,” Hargrave said. “Please abide by occupant limits in rooms. This is imperative.”


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