How College Mentors for Kids is readjusting due to Covid-19

MUNCIE Ind. (NewsLink) -- With the school year starting up, many student organizations have had to readjust their normal club activities.

Brendan Kogiones, Vice President of Activity Planning, talked about how College Mentors for Kids is making their changes, involving switching to Zoom and going back to their core values.

“College Mentors itself has grown in some kind of unique ways. We've had to obviously readjust everything that we do given that our program typically takes place on campus, but I think the pandemic generally has made a lot of people reassess their values and why they do what they do," Kogiones said.

Making these changes, however, does not mean school organizations are not just as important. Kogiones encourages new students to get involved and invest in organizations now so that your impact can pay off in the long run.

If you would like to join College Mentors for Kids you can visit or go to Ball State University Benny Link.

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