Downtown Muncie’s Artswalk 2020 adds new attraction to the line-up

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) -- The Muncie Downtown Development Partnership is adding a new addition to October’s First Thursday.

Chalk It Up To Kindness allows artists, members of the community and businesses to spread words of kindness on First Thursday. Since many artists could not come to Artswalk due to the Coronavirus, the Downtown Muncie creative team knew that this event would bring happiness to everyone.

“Chalk It Up To Kindness came about in part because I think we can use a little kindness right now,” Event Director Cheryl Crowder said.

Along with the new event, kindness rocks will be placed in front of businesses and everyone can participate in the Pumpkin Glow. People compete in a pumpkin carving contest in different age groups and the winners will receive $100.

Social distancing and mask wearing will be enforced by the team members walking through the streets, and the events will be spaced all through downtown.

All that Crowder and her team wish is that members of the community do not put their focus on the negative of the pandemic and bring kindness to others in the community.

“Like I said, we just want to bring a little joy,” Crowder added.

For more information on the Artswalk or to pre-register for the Pumpkin Glow, visit the Downtown Muncie website.

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