Ball State University students speak on the return to campus despite COVID-19

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) - Ball State University’s decision to return back to campus has left students, administration, and families with a mix of emotions. 

With mask mandates, limited availability, and social distancing guidelines, the 2020-2021 school year looks different than in years past.  Some students said that the campus is not as alive as it once was.   

“I think if COVID-19 wasn’t a thing, obviously, we’d be going out more, having more fun, going to parties…” freshman Samantha Figg said.   

What once was a busy start to the school year is now a virtual one.  Most classes have been turned into hybrid learning courses, meetings varying in-person complemented by online instruction, or switched completely online.  Even though learning virtually may have its disadvantages, some students have found the switch surprisingly helpful. 

“One week I go in-person and one week I go on Zoom,” Erin Muller said.  “Overall, it’s been going very well.” 

Muller, a freshman on campus this fall, said she is looking on the bright side of the situation. She said she is very happy to be on campus after her high school senior year was cut short.   

The changes made to courses this school year have left students to their own devices.  Figg sees this as a positive. 

“I think this is actually a good thing, academically-wise.  I have a lot more time to focus on my work and on my studies,” she said. 

By working together to adhere to guidelines, students are finding safety within the situation. 

“With the circumstances we are under, I feel safe, just as long as students are doing their part…” Figg said.  “It’s really important that we’re working together.” 

Stay up to date with Ball State University’s COVID-19 cases by visiting the dashboard:


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