Ball State students from the west coast speak on how the forest fires affect them.

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink)-- Recently there have been heavy fires along the west coast. This has
caused students from the east coast to worry about their hometowns.

Student Maya Galipeau stated, “ I grew up on the west coast in Southern California right
outside of Malibu so the fires right now are really affecting my community. Every year my
household has evacuated. This year my hometown has not been touched by the fires because
last year all of Malibu burned and no fire burns twice.”

Galipeau, a freshman, has a positive outlook on the situation and always makes sure she calls
her parents.

Annika Erickson, a freshman, said, “my family and friends are fine they just can’t really go outside. It
just makes me nervous for what's to come. The pictures from literally right outside my house the
skies are orange.”

Along with that, areas around the fires are feeling the affects as the smoke is making the air quality
worse. It is also affecting Indiana as the smoke is still high in the atmosphere and is making for
hazy skies and more colorful sunsets. The smoke however is not at ground level and will not
affect air quality.

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