Ball State planetarium transformed into classroom

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink)-- Like many universities that have had to make changes because of COVID-19, Ball State has also been affected. One building that has been repurposed is the Charles W. Brown Planetarium.

The Dome, which was once filled with stars, is now filled with students. Dr. Todd Vacarro shared the most unique aspect of teaching in the planetarium.

“We get the ability of sort of, um, pulling things up on the full dome on the fly,” Vacarro said.

Dr. Vacarro taught in a Planetarium at his previous institution and has seen how they benefit students.

“It’s fantastic and I’m used to being around planetariums and love them as instructional tools as well as outreach.”

According to Show Specialist Rachel Williamson, the choice to open up the Planetarium for students was an easy decision.

“It’s just gonna be an empty space, and we did not want that to happen. We wanted to keep it relevant,” Williamson explained.

Williamson also explained the decision to move the Planetarium shows online.

“This gives even the virtual schools an option to do something different and kind of do a little field trip still.”

While the doors may be closed to in person shows, students and community members can still view the Constellation Series every Friday night at 6:30.

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